Guilty Pleasure: Tyler Blackburn

tyler blackburn (2)

I usually don’t go for guys with long hair, but there’s an exception to every rule and, in this case, Tyler Blackburn is the exception.  Known to many fans as bad boy Caleb Rivers on Pretty Little Liars and the short-lived spin-off Ravenswood, Blackburn has been on television for the past ten years.

Born in Burbank, California, Blackburn is of English, Welsh,  Czech, Swedish and Cherokee descent.  He has three brothers and one sister.  At the age of 17, he got his start on the Nickelodeon show Unfabulous.  He continued to make television appearances, including Cold Case and Rockville CA.  He had his first major recurring role as Ian on Days of Our Lives. 

Recently, he starred in the web series, Wendy, in which he sang the theme song.  He recorded another song for the other ABC Family hit, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

In 2011, he starred in the independent film, Peach Plum Pear, which debuted at the Female Eye Film festival in Toronto.  In 2012, he starred in the independent film, Hiding, alongside Jeremy Sumpter, Dean Armstrong and Dan Payne.  In 2013, he starred in Ravenswood, which only lasted one season.  In 2014, he was brought back to Pretty Little Liars on the series 100th episode.

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tyler blackburntyler blackburn (7)

Though we couldn’t get a full view, he’s got a cute little butt on him as well.


tyler blackburn

Guilty Pleasure: Marcus Patrick

Last week, I gushed over former “Days of Our Lives” hunk Trevor Donovan. In passing, I showed you an image of yet another former “Days of Our Lives” hunk, Marcus Patrick.

Well, I can’t talk about Trevor Donovan without talking about Marcus Patrick. Afterall, they’re both actors and models, they’re both former “Days of Our Lives” stars, and they’re both comfortable with taking it all off for their fans.

Patrick was born in England. His father was of English, Irish, and French descendance. His mother was of Jamaican, Cuban, and Cherokee descendance. In other words, the right two people met so that the right genes could come together to create this Greek god.

His first acting role was on “My Wife and Kids.” He continued to land more guest starring roles on shows including “CSI: Miami,” “Just Jordan,” and “Half and Half.”

He then made his mark in the Soap world, where he landed roles on “Passions,” “All My Children,” and “Days of Our Lives.”

Marcus Patrick as Jett Carver with his co-star, Rachael Melvin as Chelsea Brady on “Days of Our Lives.”

After only three months as Jamal Cudahy, Patrick was let go from “All My Children.”

And then after posing for “Playgirl,” Patrick was left go from “Days of Our Lives,” even though executive producers of the shows said that it had nothing to do with his “Playgirl” spread. They said that they were planning to let him go prior to his “Playgirl” spread.

So, how much of a free spirit is Patrick? Well, he did pose for “Playgirl,” so he can’t be too much of a prude. But you can take a look for yourself!

Good God, can this guy keep his clothes on?  But then again, I’m not complaining.

Because I’m a butt man, here’s a few pics of his rock hard ass (Or, so I’m guessing).

And like “Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum, Patrick too has a stripping past. Enjoy!


Guilty Pleasure: Trevor Donovan

I don’t know if it’s his stunning blue eyes, his gorgeous blond hair, or his chisled chest, but Trevor Donovan is not a guy you can turn away from.

Donovan got his first acting role as a waiter on the Fox sitcom “Quintuplets.” Two years later, Donovan made his appearance in the Soap world as Jeremy Horton on “Days of Our Lives.”

Trevor Donovan with his co-star Marcus Patrick

After leaving Salem, Donovan moved to the “90210,” where he landed a recurring role as Teddy Montgomery, who was known as a player with committment issues with many women, during the series’ second season. During the series’ third season, it was revealed that Montgomery was gay.

Although Donovan’s character was downgraded to a recurring role in season 4, fans will once again be able to see Montgomery as a series regular in season 5.

Trevor Donovan as Teddy Montgomery on “90210”

Before acting, Donovan used his drop-dead-gorgeous looks to get in the spreads of magazines, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Jockey.

Donvan even went as far as baring all for his fans.  I guess he doesn’t have any self-esteem issues?  But, then again, would you, if you looked like this.

Recently, Donovan has been cast in the new Oliver Stone movie, “Savages.”   Donovan will star alongside Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, and Salma Hayek.  Orginally, Donovan auditioned for the role of that was eventually cut from the film.  However, Stone liked Donovan’s audition tape so much that he gave Donovan a role that was not a part of the book (Damn, he must be good).

Whether you watch Donovan in the upcoming season of “90210” in the fall, or you watch him in “Savages” before it goes out of theaters, or you happen to pick up a magazine where he’s featured, you can’t possibly find a reason not to look at this guy in one way or another.

Even if it’s from behind!

Guilty Pleasure: Brant Daughtery

After waking up from an hour long nap, I turned the television to one of the only soap operas that I watch, “Days of Our Lives.” I was still coming out of the dream world when I noticed a new, yet familiar face, Brant Daughtery. After seeing him, I sure did wake up.

Daughtery is no stranger to the fans of “Pretty Little Liars,” where he played the role of Noel Kahn, a pretty-boy jock who tried to blackmail Ezra into bumping his exam grade to a “A.” ‘A,’ who was found out to be Mona, didn’t like this, so she framed Noel for stealing mid-term exams. Ironically, when he came back from his suspension, he became romantically involved with Mona, ‘A’ herself, and then Jenna.

Brant Daughtery as Noel Kahn on “Pretty Little Liars”

In addition to acting, Daughtery has done some behind-the-scenes work.

He served as the production assitant on one episode of the ABC comedy/drama “Pushing Daisies,” and as the writer, producer, director, and editor of the short film “The World’s Smartest Man.”

Daughtery has also taken his hand at modeling.

No complaints here.  He’s eyes are just hypnotizing.

What makes him even more loveable is his support for gay marriage.

Daughtey posing for the noh8 campaign.

If you want to see more of Daughtery, tune into “Days of Our Lives” this week where he will make his first appearance as part of the Will/Sonny storyline.

Hmmm . . . I wonder if he will play a love interest of Will?  Could there be another guy-on-guy kiss coming soon? I’ll make sure to pay closer attention to “Days of Our Lives” this week.

Bravo to “Days of Our Lives”


I’ve never really been a soap opera type of person, but I did watch “Passion” from early 2004 up to when it was cancelled in 2008.  I would only tune into “Days of Our Lives” for the last 5 mintues just to make sure I didn’t miss “Passions,” which came on right after Days.

Recently, I’ve started to watch “Days of Our Lives” again, and I mean really watch it, especially when I learned that one of the characters on “Days of Our Lives” would soon come out as gay.  Other soaps, such as “Passions,” “As the World Turns, and “One Life to Live” have all tried to incorporate gay storylines, but the only current soap opera to have a gay storyline is “Days of Our Lives.”

Chandler Massey as Will Horton

Chandler Massey as Will Horton

I would like to applaud “Days of Our Lives” for staying with the storyline.  I would also like to applaud Chandler Massey for being the actor to take on the role of Will Horton, who is slowly coming to terms with his sexuality.  I feel Will Horton (Massey) is a good representation for the millions of teens in the world who are struggling with who they are, and who are struggling to tell the ones they love who they are.

You don’t want to be rejected, so you try to hide who you are.  After a while, the charade becomes too much of a burden, so you have to tell someone.  Maybe it’s a close friend.  Maybe it’s a sibling.  Or maybe it’s one of your parents.  Either way, you have to tell someone.  It’s such a relief for even one person knowing who you really are.  For me, I have a close friend who “found out” I was gay, and who is very accepting of who I am despite his (and mine) religious background.

So again, bravo to “Days of Our Lives,” bravo to Chandler Massey, and bravo to the supportive cast and crew of “Days of Our Lives”  who are showing their support for equality for everyone.

Will comes out to his grandmother, Marlena

Will Comes out to himself

Will Comes out to his parents, Sami & Lucas