More Men

Today’s post about the long-haired sexy man known as Tyler Blackburn has been my first post in a long time.  I’m not going to lie.  Part of the time has been spent relaxing, especially after having graduated college (in four years might I add).  The other part of the time was spent creating these two blogs seen below.  The links can be found in the caption.

gay college daily


celebrity photogs

If you enjoy the content on this site, then you’ll love these two sites.  They’re like this site, only with more pictures and fewer words.  Whereas on this site, there’s more in-depth content on some of my favorite men, on these sites, there’s just more to look at.  Some may even be featured on here.

I urge you to follow me on both sites.  They are updated daily.  That means more celebrities, more men and more gay content.  How can you not like that?

Season Greetings!

As you can probably tell from my just updated header, I haven’t written up here in a long time; since Thanksgiving I believe.

I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I’ve been caught up with exams, working, and everything else involved in a busy college student’s life. Fortunately, I’m on my Winter break, so I’ll be able to maintain this blog a little bit better.

This season is my favorite time of the year. I love the cold weather, snow, christmas lights, and all the kids anxiously waiting for Santa Claus to come on Christmas Eve. Right now, I’m caught up on ABC Family with their regular season Christmas movies.

Be prepared to see a lot more posts because there’s a lot that a want to get off my chest since Thanksgiving – – Christmas related and other. Until then, enjoy the rest of the Christmas season.