So Damn Thirsty

The thirst is real! No, I’m not talking about the dehydrating-type of thirst (although at times it can feel like that). I’m talking about the type of thirst that stops you in your tracks to do a double take. The type of thirst that temporarily takes away your ability to say or think coherently. The type of thirst that makes it so that the only thing you can think about in that moment is your thirst. The type of thirst that can come at you without warning.

Why Thirsty Thursday? I’m not completely sure. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but the thirst can come at me any day of the week. It just happens to be Thursday.

Here are some of the men who are making me so damn thirst today:

1.) Ryan Kwanten – – One of my OG crushes. God, I miss seeing him on True Blood every week.



2.) Bryan Hawn – – There’s nothing that makes me thirstier than a guy with a bubble butt, and who isn’t afraid to flaunt it.



3.) JR Bourne – – I’ve always had a thing for older men. He’s eyes are so piercing.



4.) Matt Lanter – – He’s expression matches mine at the moment. Just look at that body!



5.) Cole Monahan – – Now, I need a cold shower


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