#ManCrushMonday:  Matt Barr


It’s that time of week again:  #ManCrushMonday or #MCM for short.  This is the time of the week where I will choose one guy that I’ve gushed at over the years at one time or another and go a little more in depth than just his stunning good looks.  How is this different from my Guilty Pleasure posts? Well, it’s really not. The only difference is I can choose to do a Guilty Pleasure post any day of the week (depending on my level of thirst), but I can only do one #MCM post a week since Monday only comes once a week.

This week my #MCM is:  Matt Barr. I first had the pleasure of viewing Matt on the short-lived CBS series Harper’s Island. He played Christopher Sullivan, the best man who was later betrayed (I don’t want to give away too many details just in case someone reading wants to catch it sometime later).

I don’t know what drew me to him:  His piercing blue eyes, his blonde hair, his muscular physique or his perfect white teeth with a killer smile.  What can I say I’ve always had a thing for blond-haired, blue eyed boys.


Matt Barr as Christopher “Chris” Sullivan on Harper’s Island

Born on Valentine’s Day 1984 in Allen, Texas, Barr’s family later moved to Fairview, Texas where he was active in the plays and musical theater program at his Alma Mater, Allen High School. During his senior year, he learned of an audition for a part in the film Friday Night Lights. Although he didn’t end up landing the part due to behind-the-scene drama, he made such an impression that he was later offered the lead role in the film Levelland.

A year and a half later, he moved to LA where he landed a role on the medical drama ER.  Since then, Barr has continued to land roles roles in film and television year after year including such film roles as on American Pie:  Band Camp, Ten Inch Hero, The House Bunny and Pedro as well as television roles such as on Gossip Girl, Hellcats, Sleepy Hollow and The Hatfields and McCoys.

You can catch him in some of his new projects this year such as the TV movie, The Interestings as well as Undrafted which has him starring alongside Supergirl star, Tyler Hoechlin. There’s more to Barr than just his boy next door looks (although that part doesn’t hurt).


Matt as Puck in Pedro




He’s got kind of a flat ass, but he can’t be perfect. Besides what he lacks in the back, he more than makes up for in the front (and, no, I don’t mean there). I’m talking in terms of his face and body. Get your mind out the gutter!


Matt Barr as Brad in Ten Inch Hero




So Damn Thirsty

The thirst is real! No, I’m not talking about the dehydrating-type of thirst (although at times it can feel like that). I’m talking about the type of thirst that stops you in your tracks to do a double take. The type of thirst that temporarily takes away your ability to say or think coherently. The type of thirst that makes it so that the only thing you can think about in that moment is your thirst. The type of thirst that can come at you without warning.

Why Thirsty Thursday? I’m not completely sure. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but the thirst can come at me any day of the week. It just happens to be Thursday.

Here are some of the men who are making me so damn thirst today:

1.) Ryan Kwanten – – One of my OG crushes. God, I miss seeing him on True Blood every week.



2.) Bryan Hawn – – There’s nothing that makes me thirstier than a guy with a bubble butt, and who isn’t afraid to flaunt it.



3.) JR Bourne – – I’ve always had a thing for older men. He’s eyes are so piercing.



4.) Matt Lanter – – He’s expression matches mine at the moment. Just look at that body!



5.) Cole Monahan – – Now, I need a cold shower


Blog Update

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I’ve posted anything on this site. So much has happened since my last post. Clearly, I’m failing as a blogger. Well, there’s always a time to improve. Thank you for the follows, likes and views during my hiatus. I do appreciate it greatly. I will definitely try to put more effort to posting more regularly.

I haven’t posted up here in quite a while, but I have been posting on my Tumblr blog of the same name:  Gay College Daily. Feel free to check that out. I have been posting pretty regularly on that blog as well as some of my other blogs which can be reached from the Gay College Daily homepage. In case you’re wondering, they include:  Baby Got Back (NSFW), Celebrity ProfilesGay After Hours (NSFW) and Gorgeous Men Daily. There’s another blog I’m working on, but I haven’t yet gotten it off the ground. Once it’s up and running to my standards, I’ll share the link with you both up here and on tumblr.

You can also check out my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Thank you for the ones who have stuck with me, and you can expect more posts up here as well on Tumblr. Thank you!