Teen Wolf EP on Kate’s ‘Agenda,’ Danny’s Twist, Isaac’s Exit and More Season 4 Scoop


teen-wolf-finale-blog Still recovering from last night’s Teen Wolf finale ? Of course you are, it was absolutely insane. Fortunately, TVLine got executive producer  Jeff Davis  on the line to answer our burning questions, including what we can expect from Aunt Kate and who will be hooking up with whom when Season 4 begins June 23.

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TVLINE | Let’s start with Kate’s return. How long did you know she’d be coming back?
That was planned in Season 1, I’m not kidding. They asked me how much I wanted to see of [Kate’s] wound, and I said, “I only want to see the claw marks. It has to be very specific. She needs deep claw marks in her neck.” They wanted the death to be bigger, and I was like, “No! Trust me on this!” It’s really…

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