Butt of the Day: Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox

I don’t know if I’m obsessed with Teen Wolf or what, but I just realized that Michael J. Fox was the original Teen Wolf.  Of course, the MTV Teen Wolf is supposed to based on the original, but I don’t see the connection.  Either way, Michael J. Fox is one hot guy.  He’s a little bit on the short side, but so is Tom Cruise (yuck!), and people seem to swoon over him.

I was going to do the whole “Guess the butt” thing, but since I haven’t posted in a while I’ll just show the butt.  I’ll save that game for later on when I’m actually sure I can make regular posts.

Until then, enjoy more of the wolf butt.  This is in honor of his new show on NBC, The Michael J. Fox Show.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I would see it just for him.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox


Hunk of the Day: Tyler Hoechlin


Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m really missing my Teen Wolf right now, if only just to see Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale).  He may not be the only hot guy on the show, but I believe him to be the HOTTEST guy on the show.  How can you not find him attractive?  Even his name is sexy – – Hoechlin.

Be on the lookout for the second part of season three of Teen Wolf on January 6, 2014.  *sigh* Such a long time away.  Until then, I can only swoon over pictures such as this.  Enjoy!