Guilty Pleasure: Brant Daughtery

After waking up from an hour long nap, I turned the television to one of the only soap operas that I watch, “Days of Our Lives.” I was still coming out of the dream world when I noticed a new, yet familiar face, Brant Daughtery. After seeing him, I sure did wake up.

Daughtery is no stranger to the fans of “Pretty Little Liars,” where he played the role of Noel Kahn, a pretty-boy jock who tried to blackmail Ezra into bumping his exam grade to a “A.” ‘A,’ who was found out to be Mona, didn’t like this, so she framed Noel for stealing mid-term exams. Ironically, when he came back from his suspension, he became romantically involved with Mona, ‘A’ herself, and then Jenna.

Brant Daughtery as Noel Kahn on “Pretty Little Liars”

In addition to acting, Daughtery has done some behind-the-scenes work.

He served as the production assitant on one episode of the ABC comedy/drama “Pushing Daisies,” and as the writer, producer, director, and editor of the short film “The World’s Smartest Man.”

Daughtery has also taken his hand at modeling.

No complaints here.  He’s eyes are just hypnotizing.

What makes him even more loveable is his support for gay marriage.

Daughtey posing for the noh8 campaign.

If you want to see more of Daughtery, tune into “Days of Our Lives” this week where he will make his first appearance as part of the Will/Sonny storyline.

Hmmm . . . I wonder if he will play a love interest of Will?  Could there be another guy-on-guy kiss coming soon? I’ll make sure to pay closer attention to “Days of Our Lives” this week.

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