One of my favorite shows that still airs on television is “Supernatural.” It was one of my first non-cartoon, non-disney shows that I started watching as a teenager.

There’s intriguing storylines, shocking plot twists, kickass fight scenes, and a slew of sexy actors who end up playing two different personalities of the same character (one is good, and one is usually evil).

What makes the show the most interesting is the relationship between the two lead characters, Sam and Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki).

Over the course of seven seasons, Sam and Dean have grown closer together as siblings, and at times, farther apart. But to the end, they will always be brothers, and they will always be there for each other whether they like it or not.

Ackles as Dean Winchester

Padalecki as Sam Winchester

Before Sam and Dean Winchester even existed to their respective actors, there was just Ackles and Padalecki. Both have acted in movie roles.  Both have acted in television roles.  And, interestingly enough, both were born in Texas (although they didn’t know each other prior to “Supernatural.”)

And apparently, Ackles and Padalecki are both big Peta supporters.

Here’s a few pictures of Ackles before he became Dean Winchester.

jensen ackles

And here’s a few pictures of Padalecki before he became Sam Winchester.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Winchester brother have even unintentionally become part of their own genre known as Wincest, where the two brothers are depicted as being “more than brothers.”

Tune into the CW every Friday at 9 p. m. to see more of Ackles and Padalecki, and to catch up with season 7 of “Supernatural.” And don’t forget to watch season 8 of “Supernatural” in the fall on the same channel at the same time.

Although I couldn’t find a legitimate Peta photo of Padalecki, I did find this video of him loving the booty (I know I do).

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