Pretty Little Liars

Don’t miss the summer premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight on abc family at 8 p. m.

With so many secrets still needing to be revealed, you can’t possibly miss this new season of “Pretty Little Liars.”

To recap:

Mona was revealed as ‘A.’ But it was also revealed that Mona wasn’t working alone. She was simply a part of the ‘A’ team who are out to get the pretty little liars.

Although she died after falling off a cliff in the book, she is still pretty much alive, and still pretty much insane.

And who was the person in the red coat who came to visit Mona?

Maya was found dead.

Ironically, Maya was the one who told Emily that Alison was dead in the first episode of “Pretty Little Liars” in the same place where Alison’s body was found.

And I’m pretty sure the same music was playing in the background as in the first episdoe when Maya told Emily.

Garret was arrested for the murder of Alison.

And to watch Garrett get arrested was none other than Melissa Hastings, who appears to be in some sort of relationship with Reynolds.

She may not be ‘A,’ but she sure could be a part of the ‘A’ team. She seems to have an axe to ground with Spencer and her friends.

Before Garrett was into Melissa, he was into Jenna, who seemed to have forgotten to mention to anyone that she can now see.

Even though Hanna saved her life, she could still have it out for Hanna and her friends.

Jenna Marshall

Toby was able to convince Dr. Anne Sullivan to return to save them from A’s torment (Mona’s torment).

Yet, I still don’t understand how a grown woman could let a teenager control her life, even if her son was being threatened. She was the adult in the situation.

And what of the pretty little liars love lives?

Will Spencer & Toby get back together, and stay together?

Will Aria continue to see Ezra?

Is there anything that Hanna’s & Caleb’s relationship can’t withstand?

And will Emily be able to move on after Maya’s death?

To find out the answers to all of these questions, tune into “Pretty Little Liars” tonight on abc family at 8 p. m.

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